Rules and Code of Conduct

Forfeits, Cancellations & Refund Policy
In an effort to protect all league teams, I PLAY FOR SF will strictly enforce the below policies with regards to forfeits, cancellations, registration and refunds. 
1. There are NO rescheduling of games after 48 hours of the match schedule being posted.
2. If you are forfeited on twice in one season, you will have one of the matches made up, so you will always have at least 8 of your 9 matches prior to playoffs.
3. If you forfeit a game, no matter the time, it is (-1) in the standings.
4. If you forfeit more than once you are ineligible for playoffs.
5. If you forfeit a second game in the same season, you will be charged $100 upon re-registering with the league for the next season.
6. If you forfeit a game with a no call/no show or call to forfeit after 5pm on the same night as your game, you will be ineligible for playoffs, even if it is only once.
7. Forfeits must be communicated as early as possible to the League General Manager so that opponents and referees can be informed. Teams have until 5:00pm, the night of their game, to contact the League General Manager by phone and/or email (505-231-3030 or if they will be forfeiting.
8. Reminder: You can register your team for a season many weeks prior to the start of first game, however if you decided to wait until the week before the first game, there is no-refund on any registration paid within 10 days of the first match.
Email notification to must be made 10 days before the start of the first game. If not done 10 days before there will be no refund issued.
9. All team fees must be paid by the first game, or your team will be removed from the schedule.  
Rules of Competition
All Soccer Matches will follow the rules listed here:
Warning: Every player must sign the I PLAY FOR SF Liability Waiver in order to participate (included with online registration). Please have your team members apply online or arrive early to your first game to complete.
While I PLAY FOR SF encourages and promotes Fair Play and Safety, participation in our League can cause injuries and you must play at your own risk.

Style: 8 players vs. 8 players (7 Field Players and a Goalkeeper)

1. Roster:
Maximum of 16 players
No player may be added after 5th game of season. Rosters will be frozen at the culmination of the 5th game.

2. Game Length:
Games will consist of two (2), twenty-five (25) minute halves, with a rest period of no more than three (3) minutes. The clock for the matches will start at the posted game time and according to the officials watch.

3. Offside:
There is NO offside rule.

4. Goalkeepers:
The goalkeeper may kick, punt, drop-kick, or throw the ball in the air past half-field.
The goalkeeper is allowed to slide inside his/her own goal box.
The goalkeeper can only hold the ball in his/her hands for six (6) seconds. A violation will result in a free-kick from the spot of the ball for the opposing team, unless it is closer than 8 yards from the goal, in which case the ball will be moved back to 8 yards from the goal line.

5. Field Players:
Are NOT allowed to slide-tackle.

6. Free-Kicks:
All free kicks are DIRECT. A wall is permitted, but must be 8 yards from the spot of the ball.

7. Penalty-Kicks:
Are taken in accordance with FIFA laws of the game.

8. Minimum Players and Forfeitures:
The first game of the night there will be 10-minute grace period before the start of the game to allow players coming from work, etc.
All other games will start at the time scheduled.
Teams must have a MINIMUM OF 6 PLAYERS to start the game, if 6 players are not available to start the game, the game is forfeited. Both teams can still choose to play the game, but the opposing team will receive the points for winning the match.

The CO-ED Division requires a minimum of three (3) female field players on the field at all times. If a team is short on players, the following is required:
                    7 players: 2 female field players
                    6 players: 2 female field players
                    Less than 6 is a forfeit as stated above

9. Game Ball:
Each team is responsible for providing a game ball.

10. Jerseys:
Each team should have a dark and light jersey in case a conflict arises.

11. Point Calculation:
Regular Season
3 Points for Win
1 Point for Tie
0 Points for Loss
Forfeit results in 3-0 win for opposing team.
No extra-time or penalties in regular season.

12. For Playoffs and Finals:
In the result of a tie, there will be kicks taken from the penalty mark.
Kicks from the penalty will be taken in accordance with FIFA laws of the game.

13. Regular Season Standings:
GOALS DIFFERENTIAL (Max. 7 per game)

14. Protesting a rule/result:
The Referees decision is final.
Any protests regarding a match must be made within a half an hour of the competition ending with an opposing captain or referee.
All protests must them be submitted in writing within 48 hours via email,
If a player/team would like to appeal a decision they must do so in writing and accompany the appeal with a $25 check (payable to Street Soccer USA) and make a payment via

15. Injury:
Any player injured or bleeding must exit the field. All clothes and body must be free of blood before returning to the field for play.

16. Yellow Cards:
Team must play a player down for 5 full minutes, even if a goal is scored.

17. Red Cards:
One (1) Game Suspension minimum with option for more as determined by the league.
Player must leave the field of play, but are allowed to stay within grounds so long as their conduct is appropriate.
Offending Team will play a player down for the remainder of the match.

18. Substitutions:
8 substitutes, unlimited substitutions.
Must enter field from mid-line.
Referee must approve substitution.
Substitutions may be made during any stoppage in play.

19. Scoring on Kickoff: 
A Goal CAN be scored directly from a kick-off

20. Shin Guards:
Shin-Guards ARE required. Mini-Shin Guards NOT allowed

21. Fighting: 
Zero-Tolerance policy for Fighting. May result in police action as well as extended suspension from the league.

22. Team Conduct:
Team captains are responsible for the conduct of the team

23. Cancellations: 
All games are on artificial turf. Cleats or Flat shoes are allowed. Games will be played RAIN or SHINE, unless posted on the league homepage. Cancellations by the league will be made no later than 4pm the day of the games and will be posted on the website and team captains will be notified.
Cancellations made after 4pm will be made at the referees discretion. 

24. Rain/Weather:
We will issue pro-rated refunds if we have to cancel or shorten a season more than 2 games due to unforeseen weather, etc. All refunds will be made at the discretion of I PLAY FOR SF. Games will be rescheduled if allowed by facility.

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